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Project aimed to free patients with type 1 diabetes from daily insulin injections, blood sugar tests, and multiple complications.
CRYNO Biotech
GLP-1 receptor agonist with promising results in treatment of type 2 diabetes and prevention and treatment of diabetic neuropathy.
Drug for the treatment of life-threatening systemic mycoses – infections typical for immunosuppressed patients with HIV/AIDS and frequently occurring after organ transplant operations.
Antiseptic drug for external use with a broad-spectrum microbicidal activity against the most common and dangerous bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens, including drug-resistant strains.
One of the first drugs in its class which enables psychiatrists to help in treatment of patients with impulsivity.
A new antithrombotic drug GRS for patients with progressive atherosclerosis of heart and brain vessels at a risk of disability or death from thrombotic infarction and/or stroke.
New generation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which can effectively treat arthritis, arthrosis and other serious diseases without the threat of adverse gastric, cardiovascular and other complications.
CardioSystem Pharma
Normacor is a normothermic cardioplegic solution, a single infusion allows to perform long-lasting and complex surgical interventions.
Drug for the treatment of influenza and related complication risks, which is effective against strains resistant to world famous oseltamivir, zanamivir and peramivir.
Chemimmune Therapeutics / EURRUS Biotech Gmbh
Novel oral drug candidate for treatment of mild to moderate eosinophilic asthma.
An innovative drug with a proven multi-target mechanism of action for comprehensive treatment of Alzheimer's disease and generalized anxiety disorder.
Best-in-class HDAC inhibitor with the highest potential for treatment of solid tumors. It targets synovial sarcoma, an aggressive tumor usually occurring in adolescents, which currently has no existing treatment options.
Drug aimed to treat patients infected with hepatitis B and drug acting on all known hepatitis C virus genotypes.