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Selection of projects for the biobridge-2019 acceleration program completed

On July 25, 2019, the SelectionDay – the final stage of selection of the strongest projects for the biobridge-2019 acceleration program – took place at the ASI Boiling Point in Moscow. In total 15 teams were invited to the SelectionDay, and during the pitch session they presented their research works to the expert judging panel which included representatives of the Industrial Union of Neuronet, MIPT, RVC JSC, Skolkovo Ventures, RDIGroup, ChemRar Group, under the chairmanship of the executives of the ChemRar Group and RDI Group Andrey Ivashchenko
and Dmitry Aksenov and the Head of the expert council of the biobridge-2019 Alexander Melerzanov, Vice-Principal of Phystech school of biomedical physics of MIPT.

All the participating projects passed a preliminary face-to-face and virtual expert evaluation and consultations with the branch specialists, and 12 teams were selected for the accelerator following the SelectionDay results.
Projects pitch session
The SelectionDay comprised two stages:

> A speech with a presentation before experts and other participants and a questions and answers session,

> A poster session. All the participants of the event were able to come close to each project individually and ask questions of interest.
Experts discussing projects with teams during the poster session
Afterwards a meeting of the judging panel took place where the experts chose the projects to be included into the acceleration program.
Expert meeting
During the following 1.5 months the teams will face an intensive work on preparation and "packing" of projects in order to obtain investments, and this work is aimed at data collection and validation, elaboration of missing elements individually for each project, structuring and preparation of speeches including in English on demo days in Moscow and Vienna. Congratulations to the teams that passed the selection. This is only the beginning!